Wednesday, March 14, 2012

down lane memory

just nak share pic one of our officemate yg dh resign since last year...selama duk kat dlm handphone ni je, so bile jumpe cable fon ni bnyk le gambar yg nak upload...kak haswati dr our marketing department...sgt nice kakak ni & baik sgt...kalau time die buat keje, tak makan pun takpe...dh lame die berkhidmat kat umes lebih dr 15 years...currently pun die tgh further master study...jom layan pic2 ni...
ni la kak haswati yg comel tu...

sape lg cun?...hhehehe

sape punye tgn yg termsk tu?

kaki sape lg comel?

inila kaki ku....huhuhu

dinner menu

ni dinner menu 2 hari lepas...slalu mls nak ambik gmbr, tp kali ni sebab dh ambik gmbr terpaksa la takde la segah macam org lain, janji husbandku suke...& die puji best...jom enjoy pic...nak update resepi mmg sgt la malas, bukan kedekut ye...kalau ade kerajinan sy update..kalau tak tanye je terus...

butter prawn @ udang goreng mentega...
pucuk paku goreng

i'm back...

macam ni la slalu tajuk post kalau org dah lame tak update blog?...tu yg slalu jumpe la kan bile blogwalking kat blog2 orang...hehehehe...saje je nak buat die cam jadi trend...peduli ape orang lain nak kate...suke saya la nak tulis kat sini....

lame menyepi bukan ape, idea tu ade nak update tapi bile bukak blog ni cam mati lak idea tu...duk sibuk tgk blog2 orang...rutin harian sy mcm manusia normal lain, of course la bila org tanye tu yg saye jawab...if tak normal sure org ingt sy ni dr planet mane tah wife, mother, workers, biase...daily routine...ha, cecampur bahasa ku....hehehe...

this year dh buat decision lagi untuk my future...tuka keje lagi....bnyk plan dlm hidup ni kadang2 kite terpaksa buat perubahan untuk kebaikan & nak capai benda2 yang kt target...if kite sendiri yg tak buat, sape nak buat untuk kite...betul tak ?.... setelah lame berdiam diri + memerap sy pun apply la keje2 cam biase & dpt 2 tawaran lain...dh decide pun pilih yang mane, so sy dh resign dr company, wish me luck kat new company...

Monday, March 5, 2012

6 sleep mistakes parents make and how to avoid them

Just sharing info for all moms & dad...from

Getting young children to sleep, and to stay asleep, is one of the biggest challenges of early parenthood. Fortunately, we can help you side-step the most common sleep mistakes and improve your chances of a good night's rest.

Sleep mistake 1: Putting your child to bed too late

When you've been at work all day, it can be tempting to keep your baby or toddler up so you can spend more time with him. Or maybe you hope he'll become so tired, he'll eventually flake out.
Whatever the reason, it's not a good idea to keep your child up. When babies and toddlers get over-tired they find it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. They tend to wake up earlier than if they went to bed at a more reasonable hour, too.
It’s much better to have a bedtime routine in place and stick to it. Don’t wait until your child is yawning and rubbing his eyes to put it in action. Even 15 to 20 minutes of extra sleep can make all the difference.

Sleep mistake 2: Relying on motion

Have you ever breathed a sigh of relief as your baby snoozes in his car seat or sarung? While this can provide you with a well-deserved break, don't fall into the trap of relying on motion to get your baby to fall asleep. It's impractical to have to take your baby for a drive every night. He's also unlikely to get the deep, restful sleep he needs.

It's fine to use motion to soothe your baby if he's upset or fussy. Just don't make part of his regular bedtime routine.

Sleep mistake 3: Overstimulation

While you may have put a mobile above your baby's cot for comfort, the rotating toys, sounds and lights can be a distraction. Watching them will keep him awake rather than teach him that it's nighttime.

It's much better to put your baby to sleep in a nearly pitch black room. Don't worry about him being afraid. He's too young to have developed nighttime fears. A fan or white noise album may also help, as it will muffle any noise from the rest of the house or outside.

As your child gets older, a soft night light can soothe any fears. Don't let him watch any television just before bedtime. Even falling asleep in front of his favourite DVD means he will probably lose half an hour of precious sleep. This could affect his mood and behaviour the next day, which no one wants!

Sleep mistake 4: Skipping the bedtime routine

With a baby, you might assume that a routine consisting of a bath, a book and a lullaby isn't yet necessary. As your child gets older, you may start to feel he's too old for a bedtime routine. Or maybe you feel too tired to continue with it.

But having a series of calming, pleasing activities before bedtime is important, as it prepares your little one for sleep. Even adults benefit from having some kind of wind-down routine each night. You can't expect your child to go straight from a busy day to bed either. He simply won't get the sleep he needs.

You can create any routine you like for your child. Just make sure it's a series of relaxing steps that happen in the same order at about the same time every night.

Sleep mistake 5: Inconsistency

A couple of times a week, when he's clingy, it's tempting to lie down with your toddler in your bed until he falls asleep. Or maybe you put your preschooler down in his room but allow him to crawl into bed with you in the night. Before you know it, your marital bed is a family bed.

Your child won't be able to understand why sometimes you move him into his own bed and other times you let him stay. He'll simply start throwing tantrums until you let him spend the night with you, every night.

If you find yourself in this situation, ease your child out of your bed gently. Sit next to his bed as he falls asleep. Then after a few nights sit in the doorway, before leaving the room completely. Explain that when it's time to sleep he must sleep in his bed. Remain firm but kind and you'll get there.

Sleep mistake 6: Moving to a big bed too soon

If you move your child from his cot to a bed too soon, you may find him wandering around the house in the early hours. Before the age of three, your child doesn't have the understanding or self-control to stay within the imaginary boundaries of a bed.

The best thing to do is trial your child in a big bed. If after a week it's not working out, then there's nothing wrong with moving him back to the cot. In a couple of months give the bed another go. Just remember that no child at school is still in a cot, and yours won't be either. Try to stay relaxed about it all.